Zane is one of the kindest, most diligent, and hardest working professionals I have worked with (in any field.)  She helped my girlfriend and I see the house we wanted within a day of finding the listing, and helped us close on the house shortly after.  At no point did either of us feel pressured, but on the contrary, Zane applied pressure on our behalf to ensure that we closed ahead of schedule.  Throughout the process, she emailed frequently and promised us that she would do as much of the work as possible.  I highly recommend Zane.  Because of her commitment to getting my girlfriend and I into our home as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, we’ll be inviting her to our (eventual) wedding.
All the best,


“Zane, my wife did an excellent job. We had a limited amount of time to look for housing, During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, we were relocated to live with our daughter. Trying to locate a home in such a very short time was very challenging for Zane, because I was out of town in El Paso working so I wasn’t able to be there to assist Zane at all, I can say that I was so proud of her for stepping up and taking charge of everything like the true champ she is, “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with my wife as my Real Estate Agent,  Thanks for your great expertise.” Successfully your BIGGEST FAN!



Just the other day someone ask me about the purchase of my new home and how I like it?  My response was genuine with a smile on my face as I responded by saying…
      Thanks to my realtor Ms. Zane, I love my new home, it has all the things I was looking for & needed. The purchasing process was very easy especially for me being a working traveler. Ms. Zane really stepped in as my Realtor and took control of the housing buying situation in my behalf and made sure everything from paperwork, details,  Q&A was available for me being over 1300 miles away at work. I was able to totally trust her advice through her many years of experience, which she made me feel comfortable in building my home through her eyes, I told Ms. Zane what I was looking for in a home, she stepped in and made sure there was no miss information or no missed opportunities in me getting the greatest deal possible according to my budget & income……
     Thanks again Ms. Zane for making me a happy home owner
                       Signed; ULERICK D. FIELDS

Johnny Williams – Humble, TX

Dear Mrs Zane George,

Homeownership has always been a goal I had since forever. But I had always been told that it was a lot of work. Thank God I had Mrs. Zane George, she believed I could be a homeowner. So, I trusted her to guide me throughout the whole process. Mrs. George is very wise, loving, and has a great sense of humor. I enjoyed working with her. She made me feel like Family. Also always had my back and made sure I was protected, she even found me a great lender who were also good people and great to work with. If I wanted to buy seven houses I wouldn’t do it without Mrs. George. Thank you so much Mrs. George for your time, dedication, and sacrifice to help me and my Family get into our first home!

Arthur & Tasha Zulu – Houston, TX

Ms. Zane came highly recommended by friends who used her as their real estate agent when they had a house built. We were told of how she worked really hard for them to ensure they got what they wanted and that the process was easy for them. They also told us that they were currently in contact with her again regarding selling their current home and purchasing a new one and that she was the only agent they would ever use in the Houston area. She became a member of their family.

Our initial contact with Zane was via telephone. We told her what we were looking for and she told us that she would start looking and asked that if we found something that we liked that we send her the address so she could contact the seller/broker to get information for us. After a week of searching online we found a new development that we were interested in. She met us at the model home and we immediately felt comfortable letting her help us with our home buying process. We ended up signing a build contract that afternoon.

Zane stayed in contact with us throughout the build process to ensure that everything was going smoothly and answered any questions we had. She even checked in with the developer from time to time to make sure they were staying on schedule. When the house was completed and ready for us to move in, we ran in to a road block in the form of an undetermined loan originator. We were pre-approved for the house so we thought that the financial part would be a breeze; but the loan originator did not get in a hurry for anything and took weeks at a time off from work for personal reasons. Our completed house sat for six weeks while we fought with the mortgage company to get our loan processed. Zane made it her personal mission to contact the loan originator daily. When that proved to be a dead end, she contacted his manager, and kept going higher up the chain until she got to the highest person on our loan. She stayed in constant contact with the mortgage company and us to ensure that everything that could be done was being done. She even postponed her vacation so that she could be with us when we closed. After six weeks of daily communication we were finally called (at the last minute) to come in and close on our house. Zane was not able to make it to the close meeting with us because it was such a rushed meeting, but she called us almost as soon as we walked out the door after closing to check on us.

Zane was fantastic in all that she did for us. She worked harder than I expected during the long and drawn out close process and made us feel like we were her number one priority. I would and have recommended Zane to anyone interested in buying a house. She really advocated for us and stayed on top of things when we were sure they were stalling out.


Arthur & Tasha Zulu

Houston, TX



John, the kids and Frances – Houston, TX

Zane, you provided us with excellent service during our hunt for our beautiful home and with helping to get us moved in very quickly. you made yourself available when we could look at the houses and you were always reachable whenever we had a question regardless of what time it was. John, the kids and I want you to know that you have been incredibly gracious to us through the entire process. Getting this house, as you know, almost didn’t happen. If it wasn’t for your commitment to us and your tenacity to make it happen, we would not have gotten our home. We are truly grateful for your kindness, caring, understanding, patience and brilliant expertise. We would recommend your service to anyone.

“Thank you!”

John, the kids and Frances

James A Martin – Boston, Mass

I just wanted to take a minute to express what a great experience I had working with Zane George. I live in Boston, Mass my granddad passed away, then six months later my dad passed away, this situation left me with 2 issues to deal with, my grandfather’s house needed to be sold to get his estate settled. Zane George went to work on my behalf and found a cash buyer for my grandfathers home and walk me through step by step on the process, due to her diligence and patience the sale was completed and I did not even have to travel to get this done. I feel truly grateful to have such a seasoned and professional agent that went above and beyond. Thank you for all your work to get this sale done.
James A Martin

Nancy Perkins – Richmond, TX

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your warm, personal and professional manner in which you handled the sale of my home just in time for our new build!  You were always available to take my calls and handled all questions to ease my fears. Great job to you Zane and the great team you work with.”

Perry Davis – Clear Lake

Zane is unbelievable!!!!! We’re so glad we hired her to help us. As new home buyers it’s not easy and Zane answered all our Questions and her communication is hands down untouchable. Her Knowledge in Real Estate is great. Can’t wait to have another experience with Zane.

Mack Smith – Houston,TX

My experience with Zane was great, as a cash buyer time is of the essence and Zane took very good care of the whole transition, I would be glad to refer Zane to anyone.

Mack Smith